This Saturday: The Projectionist

Screening: Saturday, August 25, 8 p.m., Rich Theatre

Archival Gotham: NYC on Film wraps up this Saturday with The Projectionist (1970), a film about a lonely cinephile whose imagination runs wild. We’ve been lucky to see big name classics like Taxi Driver (1976) and On the Waterfront (1954) as part of this series from MoMA, but a film like The Projectionist really shows us the depth and breadth of their archive. Rarely screened and impossible to find on the internet or in your local video store, this film is a testament to our ongoing (and ever increasing) need for film restoration and the celluloid archive. But besides any such lofty affirmations of the film strip’s 21st century importance, The Projectionist is also Rodney Dangerfield’s cinematic debut! And what’s more, he plays a villain named ‘The Bat’! Finally, we couldn’t ask for a better transition into our upcoming exhibition Fast Forward: Modern Moments 1913–2013, as The Projectionist literalizes a modernist, self-reflexive turn in film history to become a movie explicitly about movies (see clip above). On that note, keep a lookout for our film series that will screen in conjunction with Fast Forward; we’re cooking up some amazing titles to keep us all at the movies straight through the fall.

Reserve tickets for the Saturday, August 25 screening of The Projectionist here.


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