Carlos Reygadas Films Starting Saturday April 6!

We’ve had a wonderful first half of our film series looking at five works from legendary Mexican cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa. While we’re taking this upcoming Saturday off, please return Saturday, April 6 to kick off the Carlos Reygadas half of the series. Reygadas is a huge figure on the global art cinema stage who is just coming off his Best Director win at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. reygadas[1]

The leading auteur on Mexico’s flourishing film scene, Reygadas makes tranquil, aesthetically jaw-dropping pictures that tell the strange stories of niche communities across Mexico. Punctuated by brief but harsh encounters with sex and violence, his films constantly push the boundary of both contemporary Mexican cinema and world cinema while maintaining a firm foothold in the established traditions of art film.SilentLight2

Our first film–screening on Saturday, April 6–is the graceful, astounding movie Silent Light (2007) which won five of Mexico’s top prizes as well as the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Look back here shortly for more information and analysis of this great film which is, I have to admit, a personal favorite.

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